I'm a mother of two beautiful boys, trying to settling into a new life in Denmark.

Hazmat suit, corona virus and an ice cream cone of course.

Zane following along.

My boys were thrilled to find a ladybug (ladybird according to my husband 🙄)

Cupcakes with a beetroot & sweet potatoes base.

The best is throwing away disposable toothbrushes & getting urself a rechargeable one, only need to replace the head. We got ours in dubai on sale in Carrefour. It lasts. So worth it

Dish scrubber or u can use to clean whatever made of bamboo. Same price as the cheap plastic handles. It doesn’t absorb water & it’s a 100% biodegradable. I go through these scrubbers when the bristles start wearing out & over time that’s a lot of plastic crap in landfills & the sea & it’s sad.

On the sink I wash out glass, plastic & tins to recycle. Every bit counts. Yes it’s a few min more effort but u feel like ur doing something to help reverse & stop global warming.

Hello! This is my first blog. Let’s see how this goes 😁 Merry Christmas Everyone 🎄